Full-Service Supply Chain Management Solutions for international consumer-oriented industries

We provide End-to-End Services for leading firms and labels throughout a wide range of international industries and businesses. We enable global availability and Omnichannel concepts, using a transparent value creation chain, automation and
smart digitization of processes.


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Learn how digitization is changing the traditional supply chain, how we can use these changes to our advantage and where developments in the industry are headed.

Video on digital supply chain

The supply chain of the future is going to be much more consumer-orientated, flexible and fast.

Part two of our video serial deals with the effect on companies and how they will have to adapt while facing challenges like cost- and data-management.


"We can customize our services to meet customer’s needs, especially when it comes to adapting to our customer’s own processes." Dr. Matthäus Pietz, Vice President Finance & Financial Services. Learn more about our Financial Services and read the full interview here:

"The logistics service provider can become a Google of the supply chain, because it can access lots of data that is processed in different IT systems."

Prof. Dr. Christian Kille, Professor of Retail Logistics and Operations Management at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Focus topics

Omnichannel: The customer in focus

Customers don’t limit themselves to a single distribution channel and they want individualized, targeted communications and reliable service – whenever and wherever they decide.

Digital Supply Chain transformation

The digital supply chain is transparent, flexible and scalable. It creates new growth opportunities and allows the cost-efficient optimization of processes.

International Network

In order to support customers with the internationalization of their business models and services, Arvato SCM Solutions relies on a systematic expansion of its global network of sites.


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