Connect Through Experience

Is Telco logistics simply about packing phones into boxes?

For us, it's all about efficient processes, customer focus and a flexible attitude.

Arvato SCM Telecommunication delivers the entire value chain from eCommerce and order management, to warehousing with intelligent pick&pack solutions to transport and returns management made fully transparent via Business Intelligence.

We truly believe that experience is the key in delivering the best possible solutions for our customers. Experience comes from passionate people, through an international team that has been innovating for over 20 years now.

In a saturating market an efficient supply chain and innovative solutions are key to differentiate in the market. As an international e2e supply chain solution provider with over 20 years of experience we deliver cost reduction and customer experience connected by flexibility to support your brand promise!

Martin Stirm, Managing Director Telecommunications - arvato SCM Solutions

It's about the journey

Cost Reduction, Customer Experience and Flexibility!

High efficiency

Reduce your costs and create added value through innovative, sustainable and 100% transparent solutions!

Support your brand

We help you to know, delight and surprise your end customers!

Flexible and agile

Willingness to invest, incomparable market adaptability and fast action.

Facts & Figures

100.000 sqm

dedicated to Telecommunications

23 millions

devices shipped p.a.

60 millions

served Telecommunications customers