Cycle Counting

Our inventory management solutions in hospitals

Cycle Counting forms the basis of STOK’s inventory management solutions. It involves our employees visiting hospitals to reliably record and document stock levels and, where applicable, to clarify any discrepancies immediately on site. In this way, the manufacturer obtains a detailed picture of product usage and the remaining stock on an article by article basis. The frequency of the cycle can be agreed on an individual basis, for example it could be every two weeks, once a month or once a quarter. There is also flexibility regarding the systematic on-site stocktaking process. Either STOK’s own scanner-based stocktaking system can be used or the manufacturer’s own IT solutions can be integrated into the process.



Your benefits


A designated liaison for each hospital

Lighter workload

The medical technology company’s clinical personnel and sales force can focus on their core competencies


Knowing how many products are on site; no more overstocking

More modules for long term consignment

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