Implant Kits

Implant Kits

Product availability at hospitals within just a few hours

In addition to our portfolio of services, which includes Cycle Counting, Inventory Management and VMI, our implant kits also help manufacturers to significantly reduce stock levels at their consignment warehouses. STOK creates kits by collating all products and consumables needed for an implantation. The kits are delivered to the ward at the hospital as required for the operation, after which they are collected again. STOK has its own fleet of vehicles, which we use to provide prompt deliveries directly to the hospital wards – in emergencies these deliveries arrive within just a few hours. Afterwards, STOK employees check to see which products were used so that the hospital is only invoiced for the articles actually used.

The advantage of these implant kits is that all of the products needed for the operation are in the right place at the right time. It also relieves hospital staff of the associated administrative tasks so that they have more time for patients. Implant kits are already being used for cardiovascular medical equipment and orthopaedics and it is always possible to expand the solution to include additional product groups.


Your benefits

Centralising inventory

Implant kits render some of the consignment warehouses superfluous

Reliability for clinical staff

All materials for an operation are received as one delivery, right on time

Accelerated invoicing

Prompt recording and invoicing – but only for the products that are actually used

In a maximum of 4 hours

For example, an emergency delivery can reach any hospital in Germany in four hours or less.

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