Solutions designed around you

Our customer’s unique needs are the epicenter of any solution we offer; we believe that both global and local service markets are after customized solutions designed to meet specific needs, rather than just services - and this is exactly what we offer. We strategize, operate and deliver excellence always focusing on that notion, with industry specialists and more than 14,000 employees worldwide in the fields of Telecommunications, Hightech & Entertainment, Automotive | Banks | Insurances, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Products and Publishing working together in order to deliver customized solutions that actually work.

After Sales

Arvato offers in After Sales a comprehensive and diversified service portfolio. It starts already with Diagnostics before a customer sends in a device or even calls one of our service centers.

We manage complex After Sales networks on a european basis and ensure that your customer promise is kept meanwhile providing you transparency across the entire value chain.

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Arvato not only take you to the different international markets fast, we also ensure that buzzwords like omni-channel remain more than a mere vision.

Thanks to the fast and easy integration of shop platforms, logistics, payment systems and customer service, you are optimally positioned to showcase your brand properly.

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Global logistics means for Arvato, being able to connect you with your customers anywhere. In our fast evolving world, the customer chooses the channels & dictates how service excellence is defined.

We power the logistics backbone & orchestrate the multichannel fullfilment for B2C, B2B, store & retail fullfilment. With our innovative solutions & technologies, we ensure customer-centric operations and bring your omni-channel visions to life.

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Corporate Information Management

With Arvato's unique corporate information management (CIM) approach, we offer you an integrated information management process.

This allows us to create, manage, translate, procure and distribute your product-supporting information, goods and services across physical and digital channels in one fell swoop. Don't leave anything to chance: benefit from our experience.

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