Serialization in the pharmaceutical industry

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Implementing the Falsified Medicines Directive

To prevent falsified medicine from reaching pharmacies, serialization will be made mandatory in the EU by 2019. Only intelligent and high-performance IT systems are able to produce millions of serial numbers and apply them to the packaging for medical products. With the creation of its own Corporate Serialization Database (CSDB), which manages serial numbers and transmits them to contract manufacturers or packaging services as required, Arvato has developed a model that aims to prevent falsified medicines as best as possible.

A database is the optimal IT solution for your serialization management. A site module applies codes onto the folding boxes and communicates used serial numbers to national verification systems (e.g. in Germany, this would be ‘’Securpharm’). This allows pharmacies to determine whether medicines are real and verified and thus can be sold or not. Many other national verification systems in Europe already rely on Arvato’s IT expertise. 

Arvato Systems serialization experts are covering the whole process chain end-to-end within the healthcare segment.

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